Genius Hour Project Two


My second Genius Hour project was about The Rolling Stones. They were a Rock n Roll band during the 1960s. They were very influential and The Rolling Stones were a foundation for music as we know it today. I chose this topic because I find them very interesting. They are a band that sparked rock and they made great music. I learned a lot about their history, like what happened to them, why they some of their members split up. I also never knew they had made so many albums and how their members have changed over the years. I thought that it was very interesting how Mick Jagger and Keith Richards used to look opposed to how they look today. This helped me grow as a person because now I know a lot more information about the band that influenced the music I’m interested in today. Now whenever I hear a Rolling Stones song I think of how it was made and I appreciate them much more. In my last Genius Hour Project about Mountain Biking I was penalized for having too many words on my slides. In this Genius Hour Project I made sure that I kept the words to a minimum and I talked about my topic instead of read it off the slides. My project did not help my community or world in any way. It was mostly for myself and for me to learn about The Rolling Stones. In my next Genius Hour Project I will make sure that it helps the community by teaching people how to do a certain thing or will improve the community by informing people about my topic and broadening their mind. It will help myself because I will have something that I am excited to learn about and it will give me more information about things I like.


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