Twitter Expert Questions

My second Genius Hour topic was on the famous classic rock band called The Rolling Stones. I specifically targeted people who had ties to the rock scene, or even people who were creating music themselves. I steered away from asking living members of the band because it was extremely unlikely that they would answer. The twitter names of the people I contacted are: @TomEtuata, @ClassicRockMag, @liamtwade, @Timplayslive, @PETE_MASTERING, @OldHighwayNotes, @goldenroad66, @officialmrni, @route66station, @RH_Carroll. I asked this group of people questions such as: “I was wondering if you know about their band drama? For example what happened to the previous members?”. This would help me in my Genius Hour, because it would provide real evidence from an expert and an experts ideas and opinions. But, many of my questions were failures. Most of the people I contacted either did not respond or did not know a whole lot about The Rolling Stones. A good answer I received from @OldHighwayNotes was: “They are a blues rock band that got famous in the 60’s as the anti-Beatles”. None of the people I contacted followed, followed me back, but many of them did respond to my questions. I found this twitter expert questions project good because now I know what to expect when contacting experts and who and what to ask. It will help a lot in future projects.

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