A Family Experience

Skiing is an activity that is very popular in my family. Well it was until my mom and and dad both had unpleasant injuries. So now it’s my brother and I who enjoy it the most. We lived in Switzerland for 3 years where skiing is very famous. There was a place up in the French Juras, which was only a thirty minute drive. It was an awesome resort and was in a very convenient place. I don’t remember the name but if it comes to mind I’ll edit this post. My family went up there for a day, my brother and I skied while my parents hiked and ate lunch over looking the valley. We went down this really fun trail off piste with a lot of moguls and the powder was insane! I didn’t have the correct skies for powder so I kept getting stuck in the really deep snow. I sunk deeper and deeper into the snow every meter traveled. It was an uncomfortable experience. But when we got back on to the combed piste it was a massive relief. Overall that run was really fun!


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